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Exploring the Convenience of Catalog for Over-the-Counter Benefits

Over-the-Counter (OTC) health benefits play a crucial role in enhancing wellness, and the catalog simplifies access to these benefits for Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield members. This article provides insights into the user-friendly interface, order process, and key features of the website.

### **Easy Access to OTC Benefits** offers a seamless experience for Highmark members to access their OTC benefits. By logging in with the numeric portion of the policyholder's member ID, date of birth, and first and last name, users can effortlessly check their balance and place orders. This convenience allows members to manage their health and wellness needs at any time, offering flexibility and accessibility.

### **User-Friendly Ordering Process**

The website's intuitive design ensures a user-friendly ordering process. Members can easily navigate through the site to find a diverse range of OTC products, including medications, personal care items, and health essentials. The simplicity of the ordering system empowers users to make informed choices about their health and well-being.

### **Assistance from Member Service Representatives**

For those who prefer personalized assistance, provides the option to contact Member Service representatives. By calling 1-800-560-9712 (TTY 711) during the available hours, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. ET, members can receive guidance in placing their orders. This human touch enhances the overall experience, ensuring that every member can make the most of their OTC benefits.

### **Secure Login Process**

To maintain the security and privacy of member information, employs a secure login process. Members are required to enter their 12-digit Highmark ID number, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and utilize the OTC benefits. This commitment to security enhances trust and confidence among Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield members.

### **Information About Highmark Plans**

The article also emphasizes the importance of understanding Highmark plans and their coverage. It highlights that Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Highmark Blue Shield are Medicare Advantage HMO, PPO, and/or Part D plans with a Medicare contract. This information is crucial for members to make informed decisions about their healthcare coverage.

### **Cultural and Language Accessibility** recognizes the diversity of its members and strives to provide information in multiple languages. The article underlines the availability of interpretation services for Spanish and Chinese-speaking members, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder access to essential healthcare information and benefits.

### **Compliance with Federal Civil Rights Laws**

An important aspect covered in the article is the commitment of Highmark to comply with applicable Federal civil rights laws. This emphasizes the inclusivity of their plans, ensuring that there is no discrimination based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.

In conclusion, stands out as a user-centric platform, offering Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield members a convenient and accessible way to manage their OTC benefits. The website's features, secure processes, and commitment to inclusivity make it a valuable resource for members seeking to enhance their health and well-being.