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**KTBS-TV: On Your Side in Shreveport's Information Landscape**

KTBS-TV, a prominent television station based in Shreveport, Louisiana, has been a reliable source of breaking news, weather updates, and community engagement for over six decades. Established on September 3, 1955, KTBS has evolved into a trusted entity affiliated with ABC and is locally owned by KTBS, LLC. The station's call sign, derived from "Tri-State Broadcasting System," reflects its coverage area spanning Texarkana, Bossier, and Shreveport.

In its early years, KTBS was affiliated with NBC until 1961, after which it became an ABC affiliate. This strategic alignment has allowed KTBS to deliver comprehensive news coverage, weather forecasts, and sports updates to the residents of the ArkLaTex region.

As technology advanced, KTBS embraced the digital era, with its official website ( serving as a central hub for news, weather, and community engagement. The website features dedicated sections for news, weather updates, crime reports, and community events, providing a one-stop destination for locals seeking the latest information.

The station's commitment to keeping the community informed is evident in its recent coverage of the Arctic blast gripping the ArkLaTex. The KTBS MEGA 3 Storm Team, accessible through, has been instrumental in delivering timely weather forecasts and safety tips, ensuring residents are prepared for extreme conditions. The station actively encourages viewer participation, inviting them to share their experiences and perspectives on the winter weather through pictures and videos.

KTBS extends its engagement beyond television and the web, maintaining a strong presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. With a substantial following across these platforms, KTBS leverages its online presence to foster a sense of community, interact with viewers, and share important updates.

Notably, the station employs the hashtag #ktbswx to aggregate user-generated content related to weather, creating a collaborative and inclusive platform for the community to share their experiences during weather events. This not only strengthens the bond between the station and its audience but also emphasizes the station's dedication to being "On Your Side."

In addition to its digital initiatives, KTBS remains a traditional broadcasting force with its television programming, ensuring that residents without internet access can still stay informed. The station's 24-hour news coverage and community-focused programs have made it a cornerstone of Shreveport's media landscape.

KTBS's commitment to community service is further demonstrated through its On Your Side On Call phone lines, providing a direct avenue for residents to seek information and assistance during crucial times such as winter weather emergencies.

As a long-standing fixture in Shreveport, KTBS-TV continues to adapt to the evolving media landscape while staying true to its mission of serving the community. Whether through television broadcasts, online platforms, or community engagement initiatives, KTBS remains a steadfast source of information, keeping Shreveport residents connected and informed.