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In an era where digital entertainment often overshadows physical activity, emerges as a refreshing initiative, encouraging children to embrace the joy and health benefits of roller skating. This program, which has gained significant attention across various states in the U.S., including Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, offers an innovative approach to keeping kids active and engaged in a fun, social, and healthy pastime.

**Understanding the Program**

At its core, is a registration-based program designed to make roller skating more accessible to children. For a nominal annual club fee of $4.99 per child, parents can register their children for each rink they wish to visit. This fee is a small price to pay for the substantial benefits it brings. Once the registration and payment are complete, members receive an email confirmation, unlocking the door to numerous skating opportunities.

**How to Register**

The registration process is straightforward. Parents can sign up their children online at Upon visiting the site, one can select the state and the preferred skating rink. The website is user-friendly, making it easy for parents to navigate and complete the registration process. After signing up, it is recommended to download the MyHownd app and register using the same email address, which streamlines the process and enhances the user experience.

**Benefits for Kids and Families**

The program is not just about free skating; it's about encouraging a healthy lifestyle among children. Roller skating is an excellent way for kids to get their daily dose of physical activity. It helps in improving balance, coordination, and agility, and is also a fun way to socialize with peers. By making roller skating easily accessible, plays a crucial role in promoting physical fitness and social interaction among children.

**The Community Impact**

Beyond individual benefits, the program has a broader impact on the community. It encourages families to spend quality time together, fostering stronger family bonds. Additionally, it supports local skating rinks, contributing to the local economy and community spirit.

**Skate Zone and Other Affiliates**

Skate Zone and other affiliates like InlineX and Skate World Lakeland are part of this initiative, offering free skating sessions to children under 12. These partnerships are vital in expanding the reach of the program, allowing more children to benefit from free skating sessions.

**Continuous Growth and Popularity**

Since its inception, has witnessed a growing popularity, as evidenced by its increasing online presence and followers on platforms like Facebook. This popularity underscores the program's effectiveness and appeal.


In conclusion, is more than just a program; it's a movement towards a healthier, happier, and more active generation of kids. By lowering the barriers to entry for roller skating, it opens up new opportunities for children to explore a fun and beneficial activity. This initiative not only benefits individual children and families but also strengthens communities by supporting local businesses and encouraging family-oriented activities. As the program continues to grow, it promises to keep rolling out joy and health benefits to more and more children across the country.