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Horizon Actuarial Data Breach Settlement: A Comprehensive Overview

In recent times, the Horizon Actuarial data breach has captured the attention of individuals and legal circles alike. At the forefront of this incident is the website, acting as a hub for individuals impacted by the breach to claim compensation. This article delves into the details surrounding the Horizon Actuarial data breach settlement and sheds light on the implications for affected individuals.

The incident in question revolves around unauthorized access to Horizon Actuarial's systems, leading to a significant compromise of protected health information of up to 194,000 plan members. The breach, discovered by Horizon House on or about March 5, sparked a series of legal actions and culminated in a class-action lawsuit consolidating multiple claims related to the November 2021 data breach.

The settlement, as outlined on, establishes an $8,733,446.36 fund dedicated to compensating Settlement Class Members for their lost time and out-of-pocket losses. This fund is a direct result of the Horizon Actuarial Services agreeing to pay a substantial settlement of more than $8.73 million. The compensation aims to address the grievances of those impacted by the 2022 hacking incident and data breach.

Notably, the Horizon Actuarial Services data breach has garnered widespread coverage across various news outlets and legal platforms. The HIPAA Journal reports the proposed $8.73 million settlement, emphasizing the resolution of all claims related to the hacking incident. Similarly, Top Class Actions highlights Horizon Actuarial's agreement to pay the substantial settlement to resolve claims stemming from the 2021 data breach.

The significance of this settlement is underscored by its coverage in Dataconomy, providing readers with an in-depth understanding of the Horizon data breach resolution. The report emphasizes a cash settlement of $7.75 million and serves as a comprehensive source for everything one needs to know about the Horizon data breach settlement.

Legal entities such as the MSE Labor Law and The Lyon Firm have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the class-action suit. Parties involved in the litigation announced a tentative settlement, consolidating various lawsuits related to the November 2021 data breach before reaching the final resolution.

The impact of the Horizon Actuarial data breach extends beyond legal circles, reaching the National Association of Plan Advisors. The organization reports on the $7.75 million cash settlement reached in the class-action suit, signaling a significant step towards resolving the data hack involving participant data at a consulting firm.

As individuals affected by the breach navigate the claims process outlined on, the website serves as a central point for submitting claims, accessing relevant documents, and seeking answers to frequently asked questions. The January 22, 2024, deadline for claim submission looms, underlining the urgency for eligible individuals to take action.

In conclusion, the Horizon Actuarial data breach settlement stands as a pivotal moment in addressing the repercussions of a significant hacking incident. As individuals affected by the breach seek compensation through, the legal landscape surrounding data breaches continues to evolve, highlighting the importance of cybersecurity and the pursuit of justice for those impacted.