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Great Western Insurance Company - Navigating the Transition to

In the dynamic landscape of insurance, companies often undergo transformations to adapt to evolving market demands and better serve their clients. One such notable transition is the journey of Great Western Insurance Company (GWIC) as it transforms into Wellabe. This article explores the history, services, and recent developments surrounding GWIC and its new identity as Wellabe.

### Great Western Insurance Company's Roots
Founded in 1983 by John E. Lindquist, a mortuary and cemetery owner, Great Western Insurance Company has been a stalwart in the insurance industry, particularly focusing on final expense and preneed funeral policies. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, GWIC became a subsidiary of American Enterprise Group. Over the years, it has earned a reputation for its commitment to providing financial security during challenging times.

### Unveiling Wellabe - A New Chapter
The year 2023 marked a significant turning point for GWIC as it officially rebranded itself as Wellabe. This transformation aimed to bring a fresh perspective to the company's offerings while maintaining its core values. Wellabe, a subsidiary of American Enterprise Group, continues to emphasize its dedication to the well-being of its customers.

### Diverse Insurance Products
Wellabe has diversified its insurance portfolio to cater to various needs. From preneed and final expense insurance to short-term care, the company has collaborated with top-notch providers to offer comprehensive coverage. Notably, Wellabe has addressed gaps in vision and hearing insurance, demonstrating a commitment to reducing out-of-pocket costs for its policyholders.

### Agent Portal and Technological Integration
GWIC's transition to Wellabe brought about changes in its online presence. The introduction of the Wellabe agent portal signifies a commitment to streamlined communication and enhanced services for agents and funeral home partners. The MyEasyClaim feature further simplifies the claims process, emphasizing efficiency and user-friendly interfaces.

### Customer Perspectives
Wellabe has garnered mixed but generally positive reviews on various platforms. Customers appreciate the company's commitment to great customer service and benefits at a reasonable cost. While some express concerns about penalizing individuals years after serving their time, the overall sentiment suggests that Wellabe is perceived as a reliable insurance provider.

### Industry Recognition and Partnership
The transition to Wellabe has not gone unnoticed in the insurance industry. Partnerships, such as the one with Medico Insurance Company, highlight Wellabe's commitment to underwriting quality products. Industry reviews emphasize that Wellabe's policies are particularly well-suited for seniors seeking life insurance.

### Looking Ahead
As Wellabe continues to solidify its position in the insurance market, the company remains focused on innovation and customer satisfaction. The unified brand under American Enterprise Group reflects a cohesive strategy to meet the diverse needs of policyholders.

In conclusion, the transformation of Great Western Insurance Company into Wellabe represents a strategic shift in the company's approach to insurance services. With a history rooted in providing financial security during difficult times, Wellabe is poised to continue this legacy while adapting to the evolving needs of its clientele. The rebranding not only signifies a change in name but also a commitment to well-being and innovation in the insurance landscape.