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footybite com

Unveiling the Legitimacy of FootyBite: A ScamAdviser Analysis

In the vast landscape of online platforms, ensuring the safety and legitimacy of websites is paramount for users. One such platform that often comes under scrutiny is, a hub for live football streaming and soccer streams. To evaluate its trustworthiness, ScamAdviser provides a comprehensive analysis, shedding light on both positive and negative aspects.

**Trustscore and Positive Highlights**

Upon landing on, users are greeted with a trust rating of 81/100, indicating a high level of reliability. This positive trust score is derived from an automated analysis of 40 different data sources, ranging from the website's technology to the location of the company. Websites scoring 80% or higher are generally deemed safe, with 100% being the epitome of safety.

The SSL check confirms the validity of the certificate, ensuring secure communication between users and the website. Furthermore, boasts a few years of existence, contributing to its positive reputation. DNSFilter also considers the website safe, and it enjoys the trust of renowned cybersecurity provider Trend Micro.

**Negative Highlights**

However, the analysis doesn't shy away from pointing out potential concerns. The website owner's decision to hide their identity using a paid WHOIS service raises eyebrows, as transparency often correlates with trustworthiness. Additionally, the lack of significant visitor numbers might be a cause for mild concern, and the website's use of iframes by another website adds a layer of suspicion.

The shared server with low-rated websites and the association with spammers using the same registrar are red flags. While not conclusive evidence of malintent, it underscores the importance of cautious navigation.

**Detailed Analysis and Technical Evaluation**

The company evaluation delves into the owner's anonymity, highlighting the potential for misuse by spammers or scammers. The use of Cloudflare, a reputable Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform, is mentioned, emphasizing its partnership with established organizations like IBM Cloud and Google Cloud Platform.

The webshop evaluation introduces the Tranco ranking, pointing out the importance of adequate visitor numbers based on the nature of the website. Hosting on the same server as unreliable websites raises concerns, and the age of the domain, while a positive indicator, requires ongoing scrutiny due to scammers adopting existing websites.

**Facts and Website Data**

The report provides key facts about, including its domain age, WHOIS data, company information, and website details. The inclusion of the website's redirecting domains adds transparency to its online presence.


In conclusion, the ScamAdviser analysis suggests that is, on the surface, a legitimate and safe platform for football enthusiasts. However, users are encouraged to exercise caution, considering the highlighted concerns regarding the website owner's anonymity, low visitor numbers, and associations with potentially unreliable entities.

In the dynamic online landscape, continuous vigilance is essential, and users are reminded to conduct their own due diligence before engaging with any website, as even highly reliable platforms can fall prey to misuse by malicious actors.