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votethisbird com 2023 results 2023 Results: A Feathered Spectacle

In 2023, the avian enthusiasts of Aotearoa New Zealand once again united in a spirited display of their devotion to the feathered wonders that inhabit their unique ecosystem. The focal point of their avian ardor was none other than, where a fierce competition unfolded to determine the prestigious "Bird of the Century." As we delve into the results and the surrounding buzz, it becomes evident that this avian extravaganza has captured the hearts and minds of bird lovers across New Zealand.

The platform played host to the 2023 Bird of the Century competition, with thousands of voters participating in this avian extravaganza. The website, with its dedicated fanbase, has been a hub of anticipation and excitement. A quick search on Google reveals the wealth of information and opinions that have swirled around this avian showdown.

The competition took an interesting twist this year. As reported on Rationalinsurgent, the 2022 winner, the tiny and charming pīwauwau rock wren, claimed victory with about 2,800 votes. However, this victory was not without controversy. Bat, the winner, faced criticism from none other than John Oliver, the popular comedian and television host, who backed the "weird, puking" pūteketeke. This disagreement spurred anticipation and drama for the 2023 competition.

A key element of the discussion around is its legitimacy and trustworthiness, which was brought to light by Dodbuzz. According to their report, the website receives a 66 percent trust score, indicating a reasonable level of trustworthiness. This information is vital for participants who want to ensure that their votes and efforts are contributing to a genuine and fair competition.

The official website for Bird of the Year,, was a hub for information and updates regarding the competition. It highlighted the stakes involved, emphasizing that this was not just any bird competition; it was the quest for the "Bird of the Century." This title carries immense significance and pride for New Zealanders, making the competition more exciting and intense.

The Terms of Service for, available on, added another layer of transparency to the competition. The terms outlined the rules and regulations governing the use of the website and emphasized the accuracy of the results. These terms, last updated on October 25, 2023, contributed to the trustworthiness of the platform.

One noteworthy aspect is the anticipation surrounding the final results. As reported by MercerOnline, the results are scheduled to be announced on November 13, 2023. This looming date has created a buzz and a sense of excitement among bird enthusiasts and competitors alike.

In conclusion,'s 2023 results promise to be a memorable moment in the world of avian appreciation. With the controversy surrounding the 2022 winner, the website's trustworthiness, and the anticipation for the "Bird of the Century," this competition has captured the hearts and minds of New Zealand's bird lovers. As we eagerly await the final results, one thing is clear: the passion for these feathered creatures knows no bounds, and this avian spectacle promises to leave an indelible mark on New Zealand's natural history.