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votethis bird com 2023 results

Unveiling the 2023 Results: Feathered Favorites Take Flight

As the year 2023 unfolds, avid bird enthusiasts and nature lovers have flocked to to cast their votes for the most exceptional avian creatures. The platform, known for its yearly bird popularity contests, has once again captured the hearts and votes of the public. Let's dive into the intriguing world of and discover the latest bird winners, the excitement they've generated, and the influence of celebrity endorsements. is a digital platform that lets individuals from around the world participate in selecting their favorite native birds. Every year, this website hosts a bird popularity contest that garners immense attention from the global community. In 2023, the contest ran with a thrilling atmosphere, where enthusiasts could vote for up to five of their beloved native birds.

The winners were announced on Monday, November 13th, and the anticipation leading up to this moment was palpable. Bird lovers, environmentalists, and curious minds alike eagerly awaited the results to see which birds would take flight as the champions of 2023.

One individual who contributed to the buzz surrounding this year was none other than US comedian John Oliver. In a humorous yet impactful manner, Oliver encouraged people to participate in the Bird of the Century contest. His call to "stack the Bird" of the Century ballots resonated with his fans and the general public, leading to increased engagement with the contest. Oliver's involvement certainly ruffled some feathers in a positive way.

The website's commitment to transparency and fairness is evident through its terms of service, which explicitly require the use of arbitration on an individual basis to resolve disputes. This ensures that all participants have equal and fair opportunities to express their avian preferences.

The results of the 2023 contest reflect the diverse and eclectic tastes of bird lovers. The six underbirds that received the most votes and deserve recognition are the Australian white ibis, emu, black swan, swift parrot, and the Eastern koel. Each of these birds has its unique charm and appeal, making it easy to understand why they garnered such widespread support.

Additionally, the results had a ripple effect, leading to other local and international bird-related events. The "Best of the WestShore Awards," held on October 28, 2023, showcased the power of community engagement. With almost 37,000 votes cast across 44 categories, it was evident that birds have a special place in the hearts of many.

Moreover, the "Great Backyard Bird Count" presented its 2023 final results, revealing that Australia, South Africa, and Tanzania each found more than 500 bird species, showcasing a significant increase compared to the previous year. This increase demonstrates the global enthusiasm for avian life.

While bird-related events garnered significant attention in 2023, remained at the forefront, cementing its position as a vital platform for bird enthusiasts worldwide. The website's ability to bring together a diverse range of people who share a common passion for birds is truly remarkable.

In conclusion, 2023 results have not only celebrated the beauty and diversity of birds but also united bird enthusiasts from various corners of the world. Celebrity endorsements, such as John Oliver's, and the platform's commitment to fairness and transparency have contributed to the contest's success. As we eagerly await next year's bird popularity contest, one thing is certain: the world's love for our feathered friends is here to stay.