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usps uspsbjm com scam

**Unraveling the USPS.USPSBJM.COM Scam: A Web of Deception**

In the vast landscape of the internet, where convenience intertwines with potential threats, the USPS.USPSBJM.COM scam stands out as a fraudulent scheme that preys on unsuspecting individuals. This article aims to shed light on the intricacies of this deceptive operation based on information gathered from various sources.

**The Facade: Understanding the USPS.USPSBJM.COM Scam**

The scam operates through phishing emails and text messages that cunningly masquerade as communications from the United States Postal Service (USPS). Users receive messages claiming to be related to USPS packages or deliveries, luring them into a trap of deceit. The perpetrators employ various tactics to trick individuals into divulging personal and financial information.

**Red Flags: Signs of Deception**

Review sites like and expose the sinister nature of USPS.USPSBJM.COM, assigning it a dismal trust score. Experienced users are warned of the website's very low trust index, highlighting the importance of caution when encountering such platforms.

**Global Awareness: ScamWatcher and Online Threat Alerts**

The global reach of this scam is evident as reports suspicious activity linked to +63 956 428 7701, associated with USPS.USPSBJM.COM. Online Threat Alerts reinforces the severity, branding the website as fake, malicious, and involved in phishing schemes to pilfer personal and financial data.

**Official Alerts: United States Postal Inspection Service (.gov)**

The United States Postal Inspection Service issues warnings about smishing, a form of phishing through SMS. The article emphasizes the importance of heeding official warnings and provides guidance on recognizing and reporting such scams.

**Community Vigilance: Trusted Reviews, Reddit, and**

User-generated content on platforms like and Reddit showcases the impact of the USPS scam on individuals. provides users with tools to check the legitimacy of websites, creating a collaborative effort to combat online deception.

**Educational Initiatives: United States Postal Service Alerts**

The USPS, through its official channels, strives to educate the public about various scams, including reshipping scams and fake check scams. These educational resources aim to empower individuals to recognize and avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities.

**Ongoing Threats: Apple Discussions and YouTube**

Real-life accounts on Apple Discussions reveal the reach of the USPS scam, with individuals sharing their experiences of falling prey to deceptive text messages. YouTube features warnings from credible news sources like WQAD News 8, emphasizing the urgency of staying informed.

**Conclusion: Navigating the Web of Deception**

In a world where technology connects us, it is crucial to stay vigilant against online scams. The USPS.USPSBJM.COM scam serves as a reminder that awareness, education, and collaboration are essential in combating deceptive practices. By understanding the signs, sharing information, and reporting suspicious activities, individuals can collectively contribute to a safer online environment.