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top scholarships for international students in august 2023 - Studying in the United States can be a dream come true for many international students. However, the cost of education in the U.S. can be quite high, which is why scholarships for international students are essential. In August 2023, there are numerous opportunities available for international students to secure financial aid for their education. This article will explore some of the top scholarships and provide valuable information for prospective applicants.

Top Scholarships for International Students:

1. **AAUW's International Fellowships**:
   - Eligibility: Open to international women students pursuing graduate study in the U.S. or Canada (U.S. and Canadian citizens are ineligible).
   - Amount: Up to $12,500

2. **P.E.O. International Peace Scholarship Fund**:
   - Eligibility: Open to international women students pursuing graduate study in the U.S. or Canada (U.S. and Canadian citizens are ineligible).
   - Amount: Up to $12,500

3. **Global Citizen Scholarship**:
   - Eligibility: Open to international or DACA students attending college in the U.S. or Canada with MPOWER support.
   - Amount: $10,000

4. **La Caixa Foundation Postgraduate Fellowships**:
   - Eligibility: Available to individuals of Spanish or Portuguese nationality pursuing postgraduate study in North America, Europe, or the Asia-Pacific region.
   - Amount: Varies

5. **Margaret McNamara US-Canada Program**:
   - Eligibility: Women aged 25 and up, nationals of MMEG-eligible countries, full-time college students in the U.S. or Canada.
   - Amount: Up to $15,000

6. **MPOWER Women in STEM Scholarship**:
   - Eligibility: Open to international and DACA female students pursuing STEM, medical, or education careers in the U.S. or Canada.
   - Amount: $6,000

7. **Foreign Fulbright Student Program**:
   - Eligibility: International students interested in studying and conducting research in the United States (specific criteria vary by country).
   - Amount: Varies

8. **Georges Lurcy Fellowships**:
   - Eligibility: Open to French students enrolled in American universities for doctoral-level degrees.
   - Amount: $20,000

9. **OAS Academic Scholarship Programs (Undergraduate)**:
   - Eligibility: Students from English-speaking Caribbean Member States in the last two academic years of their studies leading to a Bachelor's degree.
   - Amount: Up to $10,000

Other Sources of Private Scholarships:
If the mentioned scholarships do not match your criteria, there are still other avenues to explore. These include seeking scholarships from sources like high school teachers, parents' employers, your employer, or even your place of worship. Additionally, international scholarship search engines such as the Institute of International Education (IIE) program search tool and International Education Financial Aid (IEFA) scholarship search can be valuable resources.

College-Specific Merit Scholarships for International Students:
Many U.S. colleges and universities offer merit scholarships to international students. Some notable institutions include American University, Boston University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, and many more. If your prospective university is not listed, it's recommended to contact the school's financial aid office to inquire about available scholarships.

Improving Your Scholarship Chances:
To enhance your chances of securing scholarships, follow these tips:
1. Create a spreadsheet to keep track of scholarship details.
2. Demonstrate strong writing skills in your essays.
3. Obtain high standardized test scores when required.
4. Gather strong references from teachers or employers.
5. Don't hesitate to seek guidance and ask for help when needed.

Scholarship Mistakes to Avoid:
To increase your chances of success, avoid these common scholarship application mistakes:
1. Avoid using pre-written essays from the internet. Write original content.
2. Don't procrastinate; apply well in advance of deadlines.
3. Apply for multiple scholarships to improve your odds of success.

In August 2023, international students have a range of scholarship opportunities available to help fund their education in the United States. Whether you're pursuing graduate studies, a career in STEM, or other fields, there are scholarships that can make your dream of studying in the U.S. a reality. Following best practices and avoiding common mistakes can increase your chances of success in securing these scholarships and achieving your educational goals. Good luck with your scholarship applications!