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The Rising Challenge of Auto Theft in Quebec: A Closer Look at (redirects to


Auto theft has become a significant issue in Quebec, with an alarming number of vehicles being stolen each month. The Journal de Montréal, commonly referred to as JDM, has been diligently reporting on this growing problem. With a focus on the articles retrieved from their website, this article sheds light on the concerning trend of auto theft in Quebec and the measures being taken to combat it.

1. Alarming Statistics

According to a JDM report from October 21, 2023, nearly 1,300 vehicles are stolen every month in Quebec. These numbers are nothing short of shocking, and they highlight the urgent need for measures to address this issue.

2. Exporting Stolen Vehicles

One of the most concerning aspects of auto theft in Quebec is the exportation of stolen vehicles. In an article from October 18, 2023, JDM discusses how criminals use fraudulent serial numbers to export stolen cars, many of which remain in the country. This not only contributes to the problem of auto theft but also creates significant challenges for law enforcement.

3. Victims' Struggles

Auto theft doesn't just impact vehicle owners; it also takes a toll on the victims. An article from October 19, 2023, tells the story of a victim who faced administrative hurdles while trying to recover their stolen vehicle. This highlights the need for better support for victims in the aftermath of auto theft.

4. Increased Policing Efforts

To combat this rising issue, law enforcement agencies have increased their efforts. A JDM report from October 20, 2023, discusses how a specialized squad is targeting criminal exporters of stolen vehicles. These proactive measures are crucial in curbing the problem.

5. Quebec's Problem

The problem isn't uniform across Quebec. As reported by JDM on October 22, 2023, a group of Hassidic patrollers is actively involved in deterring auto theft in some areas. This community-led initiative shows that the issue is affecting various regions of the province.

6. Technological Advancements

Criminals are also leveraging technology to aid in their activities. An article from JDM in 2023 discusses how technology is facilitating the lives of criminals and how it is being used to counter these advancements. This demonstrates the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between law enforcement and criminals.

7. Economic Consequences

Auto theft has severe economic consequences. According to JDM, in 2021, auto theft cost the province over 241 million dollars. These losses impact not only vehicle owners but also insurance companies and the broader economy.

8. Call for Awareness

To address the issue, JDM suggests that Quebecers can take steps to protect themselves against auto theft. They encourage vehicle owners to be vigilant and invest in anti-theft measures.


The rising trend of auto theft in Quebec is a cause for concern, and JDM has been instrumental in shedding light on the issue. The province is taking various measures, from increased policing efforts to community-led initiatives, to combat this problem. However, it remains a challenge that affects not only vehicle owners but also the wider community. Raising awareness and taking preventive measures are essential to mitigate the impact of auto theft in Quebec.