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The Rise and Fall of A Closer Look at the Lehi, Utah-based Marketplace

In recent days, Lehi, Utah, has been buzzing with discussions surrounding the closure of, an online marketplace that had promised to revolutionize online shopping and empower women-owned businesses. Founded in April 2011 by the couple Megan and Mike McEwan, gained attention for its daily deals on fashion and home decor, bringing together stylish brands and small boutiques across the U.S.

The abrupt closure of has left both employees and customers in the dark, with the company providing few answers. Lehi police have initiated an investigation following claims from sellers who allege they haven't received payment. This turn of events has added a layer of uncertainty to the once-prominent Utah-based technology company.

### The Backstory aimed to create a marketplace committed to the discovery and support of women-owned businesses. The platform thrived on offering deals from various brands, creating a culture that resonated with its customer base. However, recent events have cast a shadow over the company's legacy.

### Financial Insights

According to available data, raised an impressive $40,000,000.00 in new funding, indicating a significant level of investor confidence. Despite this, the company's sudden closure has raised questions about its financial stability. With a reported revenue of $185.4 million and 216 employees, seemed to be a substantial player in the e-commerce landscape.

### Investigation and Allegations

Lehi police's involvement adds a layer of complexity to's narrative. Sellers on the platform claim they haven't received payment, prompting authorities to explore potential misconduct. This investigation raises questions about the company's financial practices and internal operations, leaving the community and stakeholders eager for answers.

### Community and Employee Reactions

The closure has not only affected sellers but also left employees uncertain about their future. Reports suggest that the company paid its employees for the last three weeks, possibly due to the CEO's decision. The unfolding drama has found its way onto online platforms, with discussions on Reddit reflecting both disappointment and frustration.

### Company Profile and Impact, with its corporate office in Lehi, Utah, operated from 3401 N Thanksgiving Way #300. The company's closure has left a void in the online marketplace landscape, especially for those who valued its commitment to supporting women-owned businesses.

### Conclusion

As Lehi police delve into the investigation, the future of remains uncertain. The closure of this once-prominent marketplace has sent ripples through the business community, prompting reflection on the challenges faced by e-commerce platforms. The story of serves as a cautionary tale for the industry, emphasizing the importance of transparency, financial stability, and ethical business practices in the competitive world of online commerce.