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is usps uspskc com legit

Unmasking the Scam: Is it Legit or a Phishing Ploy?


In the digital age, the prevalence of online scams and phishing attempts is an unfortunate reality. One such scam that has come under scrutiny is the website, which purports to be affiliated with the United States Postal Service (USPS). However, multiple sources indicate that it is not what it claims to be. In this article, we'll explore the evidence and examine whether is a legitimate service or a fraudulent website.

The Red Flags

Multiple sources have raised suspicions about, labeling it as a fraudulent website engaged in phishing activities. According to Online Threat Alerts, the website is operated by scammers who aim to steal personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims. They send phishing emails and text messages impersonating USPS, making it clear that their intentions are far from genuine.

Web Paranoid echoes the sentiment, flagging as a site with low trust and advising users to avoid it. The safety score of 0 out of 100 on, as reported by Even Insight, adds to the growing concern about the website's legitimacy.

In a YouTube video titled "USPS USPSKC Package Scam Text or Email November 2023, Explained," the narrator explicitly labels as a scam website. These sorts of scams often prey on unsuspecting individuals who may trust them due to their resemblance to official USPS communications.

USPS's Official Stance

The United States Postal Inspection Service, an official USPS entity, has also issued warnings about smishing, a form of phishing that involves text messages. In a recent update, they highlighted the presence of text scams related to package tracking. While not specifically naming, their warning aligns with the broader context of the phishing attempts associated with the website.

Community Feedback

Various websites, including Reddit, contain discussions where users share their experiences and concerns about the scam. Users have reported that scammers have become increasingly sophisticated, making it difficult to distinguish their fraudulent messages from genuine USPS communications. or

It's essential to clarify that the legitimate USPS website is, not The addition of "USPSkc" in the URL is a red flag. Users should be cautious when receiving messages or emails from unfamiliar sources, especially if they contain links to websites with unfamiliar domain names.


Based on the information available, it is reasonable to conclude that is not a legitimate USPS service but rather a fraudulent website engaged in phishing activities. Multiple sources, warnings from official entities, and the experiences of users all point to the same conclusion: exercise caution and vigilance when encountering messages or websites related to To stay safe online, it's crucial to be aware of the various tactics scammers use to impersonate legitimate organizations, such as the United States Postal Service.