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** Legit: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Online Faxing Service**

In a world dominated by digital communication, the need for faxing may seem outdated, but aims to bridge the gap by providing an online platform for sending faxes. With a plethora of online services available, determining the legitimacy and reliability of becomes crucial. Let's delve into a comprehensive exploration based on Google search results to uncover the truth.

**User-Friendly Faxing:** allows users to send faxes to any machine in the United States and Canada for free, eliminating the need for a physical fax machine. This user-friendly feature is highlighted by various sources, including PC Magazine and TechRadar, acknowledging its simplicity and ease of navigation.

**Freemium Model and Limitations:**
The freemium model of offers limited free faxing to the US and Canada, with additional charges for international faxing. PC Magazine notes that while FaxZero can cater to most faxing needs, it is relatively bare-bones and charges for certain services. This limitation is a common theme across multiple reviews.

**Quality Concerns for Graphics-Heavy Faxes:**
Crazy Egg raises a noteworthy point about FaxZero's performance with graphics-heavy faxes. It suggests that the service is more suitable for text-based documents, signaling a potential drawback for users requiring high-quality graphics transmission.

**User Reviews and Ratings:**
Sitejabber and Trustpilot provide user reviews, indicating a generally positive satisfaction level. However, some reviews mention limitations, such as the inability to receive faxes. TrustRadius gives a 7/10 rating, showcasing a satisfactory but not outstanding user experience.

**Security and Legitimacy:** deems as legit and safe to use, with a positive review. This aligns with, which highlights FaxZero's security protocols, stating that user information is encrypted and submitted securely.

**Alternatives and Competitor Comparison:** compares FaxZero with other faxing services and suggests FaxZero as a worth considering option for those who need to send faxes occasionally. provides positive user feedback, emphasizing the ease of use and benefits similar to a physical fax machine.

In summary, appears to be a legitimate and functional online faxing service, offering a user-friendly experience with certain limitations and considerations. Users seeking occasional faxing needs to the US and Canada may find it suitable, but those with graphics-intensive requirements might explore alternatives. As with any online service, individual experiences may vary, and users are encouraged to consider their specific needs and preferences when choosing an online faxing solution.