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dot com dash rewards list

Exploring the Dot Com Dash Rewards List in Monopoly GO


Monopoly GO, the beloved board game turned digital sensation, has introduced a unique event known as the Dot Com Dash. This event targets financial and stock market enthusiasts, offering a competitive platform where players can aim for the top ranks and earn fantastic rewards. In this article, we will delve into the rewards list of the Dot Com Dash event based on Google search results.

The Rewards List

The rewards for the Dot Com Dash event in Monopoly GO are quite enticing, with different prizes for various ranks. Let's take a closer look at what players can earn:

1. 1st Place - The top-ranking player receives a Peg E Dollar Shield, 1500 Free Rolls, cash, and a Golden Purple Sticker Pack.

2. 2nd Place - The second-place winner is awarded 1,200 Dice, money, and a Galaxy Sticker Pack.

3. 3rd Place - The third-place finisher gets 800 Dice, money, and a Golden Blue Sticker Pack.

For participants who didn't secure a top-three spot, there are still rewarding prizes available. Cash rewards are provided for those ranking from 50th to 16th place, while players who land between the 15th and 11th spots receive both cash and 50 Free Dice Rolls. Finally, the top 10 players receive various amounts of Dice and money, along with sticker packs.

This diverse range of rewards makes the Dot Com Dash event in Monopoly GO highly appealing to players of all skill levels, encouraging healthy competition and active participation.

The Nature of the Event

The Dot Com Dash is a unique event within Monopoly GO, specifically tailored for individuals with an interest in financial markets. It offers an opportunity for players to showcase their financial acumen, compete against each other, and be rewarded for their skills.

The event's inclusion of financial elements adds an exciting dimension to the traditional Monopoly gameplay, making it an engaging and educational experience for participants. By participating in the Dot Com Dash, players can learn more about the world of finance and stock markets while enjoying the classic Monopoly game.


The Dot Com Dash event in Monopoly GO offers an exciting twist to the traditional board game by incorporating financial and stock market elements. Players have the chance to compete for a variety of appealing rewards, including cash, special stickers, and more. This event caters to both seasoned financial experts and newcomers interested in exploring the world of finance within the context of Monopoly. Whether you're looking to improve your financial knowledge or simply enjoy a competitive game of Monopoly, the Dot Com Dash is a must-try event. So, why not dive in and see if you have what it takes to claim the top spot and win these fantastic rewards?