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dot com dash gift list

The Dot Com Dash Gift List in Monopoly GO - Unlocking Rewards and Milestones


In the world of Monopoly GO, the Dot Com Dash event has become a highly anticipated occasion for players. This event offers exciting rewards and milestones, making it a thrilling experience for Monopoly enthusiasts. In this article, we'll delve into the Dot Com Dash gift list based on information gathered from Google search results, highlighting the enticing rewards and milestones that players can aim for.

Understanding the Dot Com Dash Event

The Dot Com Dash event in Monopoly GO is all about achieving milestones and competing for various rewards. To shed more light on the event, we have referenced information from several sources, such as PC Invasion, Gamer Tweak, and GameRevolution, to provide you with a comprehensive view of what's up for grabs.

Exciting Rewards for Participants

The rewards in the Dot Com Dash event are nothing short of exciting. Based on our research, we found that the first-place winner receives the Peg E Dollar Shield, 1500 Free Rolls, cash, and a Golden Purple Sticker Pack, making it a lucrative victory. However, there are rewards for other participants as well, depending on their rankings. For example, 2nd place also gets impressive prizes, as described by PC Invasion.

Milestones and Gifts

Milestones are an integral part of the Dot Com Dash event, and players strive to reach them to earn gifts. Gamer Tweak provides a list of these milestones, which include earning free Dice rolls. These milestones add an extra layer of excitement to the event, encouraging players to push their limits and compete vigorously.

Tournament Rewards

The Dot Com Dash event is not just about rewards but also about competitive tournaments. GameRevolution outlines the tournament rewards, specifying what participants can expect in terms of cash prizes, Dice rolls, and rankings. Knowing the rewards at stake can help players strategize and aim for the top positions in these tournaments.

Gift Cards and Shopping Options

While researching the Dot Com Dash gift list, we came across various websites, including Dot & Dash Design, offering gift cards and personalized gift options. These gift cards are a great way to surprise fellow Monopoly GO enthusiasts with a thoughtful present.

Additional Gift Ideas

Besides in-game rewards, we also stumbled upon some unique gift ideas related to Dash and Dot, such as Morse code jewelry from Dot & Dash Design. These creative gift options are not only suitable for Monopoly GO players but also for anyone looking to add a touch of uniqueness to their gifts.


The Dot Com Dash event in Monopoly GO is a captivating experience filled with exciting rewards, milestones, and tournaments. Players can aim for the top spot to win impressive prizes, while gift cards and creative gift ideas provide additional options to enhance the gifting experience. Whether you're a Monopoly GO enthusiast or simply looking for a unique gift, the Dot Com Dash gift list has something for everyone. So, gear up, roll the dice, and aim for those coveted rewards in the Dot Com Dash event!