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Navigating and the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)


The Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) is a vital component of healthcare coverage for members of Canada's public service. In recent times, this program has undergone significant changes, including its administration transition to Canada Life. This article explores the PSHCP and its relationship with Canada Life, offering insights into the services provided and the changes experienced by plan members.

Understanding the PSHCP

The PSHCP is a comprehensive healthcare plan available to eligible public service employees in Canada. It provides coverage for various medical expenses, ensuring that members and their families have access to essential healthcare services. To manage the day-to-day administration of the PSHCP, the responsibility has been entrusted to Canada Life.

Transition to Canada Life

The transition of the PSHCP to Canada Life became effective on July 1, 2023. This move aimed to streamline the administration of the plan and provide better services to its members. To ensure a smooth transition, PSHCP members were required to complete a positive enrolment process before the specified deadline.

Benefits of the Transition

The transition to Canada Life brings several benefits to PSHCP members. One significant advantage is the improved online access to claim submission and history. Members can now conveniently manage their benefits through the My Canada Life at Work portal. Additionally, the transition allows for direct deposit for claim reimbursements, offering faster and more efficient processing.

Online Services

PSHCP members can access a range of online services through the Canada Life portal. These services include claims submission, claim history, and benefits management. The online platform simplifies the claims process, making it easier for members to submit and track their claims, ultimately reducing paperwork and administrative hassle.

Claims Processing

Canada Life is responsible for processing PSHCP claims efficiently and promptly. To facilitate this, members are required to provide their certificate and plan number, typically found on their PSHCP benefit card. These details are essential for pharmacists to accurately submit claims to Canada Life, ensuring that members receive timely reimbursements.

Support and Resources

Canada Life offers various resources and support to PSHCP members. They have a dedicated FAQ section on their website to address common questions and concerns. Members can also find important documents, such as claims forms and prior authorization requests, easily accessible online.


The transition of the Public Service Health Care Plan to Canada Life has marked a significant change in the way PSHCP members access and manage their healthcare benefits. With improved online services, streamlined claims processing, and a commitment to providing support and resources, Canada Life aims to enhance the overall experience for PSHCP members. This transition ensures that public service employees in Canada continue to receive comprehensive and efficient healthcare coverage.