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A Closer Look at Greve: The Impending Strike of Healthcare Workers


In recent months, the website Greve has been at the center of attention, particularly for its updates on an impending strike. The Alliance du personnel professionnel et technique de la santé et des services sociaux (APTS) and its affiliated organizations are gearing up for what could be a significant labor action. In this article, we will delve into the latest developments, the reasons behind the strike, and the potential impact on the healthcare system.

The Background

The APTS, in collaboration with other unions like CSN, CSQ, and FTQ, has been sending out clear signals about their intentions to strike. Recent announcements on the website indicate that healthcare workers are ready to use this powerful tool to press for their demands.

Reasons for the Strike

One key issue at the heart of this strike is the improvement of working conditions and the accessibility of healthcare services. Workers in the healthcare sector are demanding better pay, benefits, and safer working environments. As the pandemic continues to strain the healthcare system, these workers are feeling the pressure and are taking a stand.

The Strike Mandate

One notable aspect of this impending strike is the resounding support it has received from union members. Votes have shown overwhelming approval for the strike, with figures as high as 95%. This level of support illustrates the depth of frustration and determination among healthcare professionals who are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their voices are heard.

The Impact on Healthcare

The strike has the potential to significantly impact the healthcare system. With a large number of workers planning to walk out, hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities may face challenges in delivering services to patients. The situation becomes even more critical when considering the ongoing health crisis and the strain on healthcare resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

The website provides answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the strike. Workers are encouraged to visit the FAQ section for information on compensation, strike logistics, and how to make claims. It's an essential resource for those directly affected by the strike.

The Timeline

The strike is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It has been meticulously planned, with schedules and timelines available on the website. Healthcare workers can find information about the start and end times of the strike, as well as who is affected.


As the strike date draws nearer, Greve remains a crucial source of information for healthcare workers, the media, and the general public. The impending strike is a testament to the determination of healthcare professionals who are seeking to improve their working conditions and the quality of healthcare services. It's a development that warrants close attention, as it has the potential to impact the healthcare system profoundly. The coming weeks will reveal how this labor action unfolds and what changes it may bring to the healthcare industry.