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wlbt com Your Source for Jackson, Mississippi News and Beyond

WLBT, also known as "3 On Your Side," stands as a prominent television station affiliated with NBC, enriching the lives of the Jackson, Mississippi community with comprehensive news coverage. Established on December 19, 1953, WLBT has been a trusted source for news and information for over 60 years. Owned by Gray Television, the station has played a significant role in keeping the community informed and engaged.

The channel operates on both digital and virtual platforms, with a digital channel number of 30 (UHF) and virtual channel number 3. The call sign, WLBT, originally stood for Lamar Broadcast Television, reflecting its previous ownership. Over the years, the station has seen changes in affiliations, including ABC and NTA, before establishing its association with NBC.

WLBT has consistently provided viewers with up-to-date news, weather forecasts, and vital information. The station covers various aspects of life, from local events to international developments. Additionally, WLBT offers a live streaming option on its website, allowing viewers to stay connected and informed in real-time.

Recently, WLBT has reported on diverse topics, including updates on accidents, crime, community initiatives, and improvements in recreational facilities. Notably, the station has highlighted efforts to enhance outdoor recreational activities at Freedom Ridge Park, a testament to its commitment to covering matters that impact the local community positively.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook play a crucial role in WLBT's communication strategy. These platforms help in disseminating news rapidly, enabling viewers to stay informed on the go. The station encourages audience participation by inviting them to share their story ideas or breaking news tips, fostering an interactive and engaged community.

In conclusion,, operating under the umbrella of Gray Television, remains an essential news source for the residents of Jackson, Mississippi, and beyond. With a rich history, dedication to accurate reporting, and a strong online presence, WLBT continues to evolve, ensuring that its audience stays well-informed in this rapidly changing world. Stay tuned to WLBT for the latest updates on news, weather, and events in Jackson and surrounding areas.