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shopvalleyviewcenter com A Retail Haven of North Dallas, although currently inaccessible, has left a significant mark on North Dallas as a former shopping hub. This article delves into the past and present of this once-vibrant retail destination, highlighting its history and contributions to the local community.

Valley View Center, situated at the crossroads of Interstate 635 and Preston Road, was a bustling shopping complex in North Dallas, Texas. Owned and managed by Dallas-based Beck Group, the mall served as a haven for shopaholics and a gathering place for locals.

Before its closure, Valley View Center's website,, provided essential information about the mall's offerings and events. Visitors could access an interactive map, directory, specials, and area information, making it a valuable resource for both residents and tourists.

The mall's success extended beyond its online presence, as it featured numerous department store anchors and over 170 specialty shops. From fashion to electronics, Valley View Center had something for everyone. Shoppers could also enjoy a diverse culinary experience at the extensive food court.

Valley View Center's significance in the community was further emphasized by its strong presence on social media. The official Twitter account, @ShopValleyView, kept the community updated on the latest events, promotions, and store openings. This digital outreach helped maintain a strong connection with shoppers.

Unfortunately, the mall faced challenges over the years, ultimately leading to its closure. As a result, is currently inaccessible, and the physical mall no longer serves as a retail destination.

Despite its closure, the legacy of Valley View Center lives on through various online sources. LinkedIn profiles associated with the mall describe it as a company in the hospital and healthcare industry, potentially indicating a shift in focus before its closure. The Glassdoor listing mentions its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and describes its size and public status, shedding light on its corporate aspect. was not just a retail website but a symbol of community and commerce in North Dallas. Its impact is still visible on Wikipedia, where its history is documented, and on various business directories that once listed the mall's address and contact information.

Valley View Center's influence on the North Dallas community extended to businesses near the mall. Yelp reviews and Yellow Pages listings feature businesses that thrived in the mall's proximity, showing the interconnectedness of the local economy.

In conclusion, served as the digital gateway to Valley View Center, a former shopping and community hub in North Dallas. While the mall is no longer accessible, its impact on the local economy and community is still evident through online sources, emphasizing the significance of this once-vibrant retail destination.