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what does com mean in mario kart

**Understanding "COM" in Mario Kart: Unleashing the Karting Secrets**

Mario Kart, the beloved racing game franchise by Nintendo, has captured the hearts of gamers for decades. While speeding through whimsical tracks and hurling shells at opponents, many players have encountered the mysterious acronym "COM." What does COM mean in Mario Kart? Let's delve into this question and unravel the secrets behind this intriguing gaming term.

**COM: Computer-Controlled Opponents**

In Mario Kart, "COM" stands for "Computer." It refers to the artificial intelligence (AI) controlled characters in the game. These computer-controlled opponents, often referred to as "COM players," take the place of human players when you're racing or battling solo or with friends. COM players add challenge and variety to your Mario Kart experience.

**Adjusting COM Difficulty**

The presence of COM players isn't just to fill up the racing grid. One of the fascinating aspects of Mario Kart is the ability to customize your gaming experience. You can adjust the difficulty of these computer-controlled opponents to match your skill level and preferences.

In most Mario Kart games, including Mario Kart 8, you have the option to choose between different COM difficulty levels, such as Easy, Normal, and Hard. Easy COMs tend to use their items less aggressively and provide a more forgiving experience. On the other hand, Hard COMs are formidable opponents, using items strategically and posing a greater challenge to players.

**COM in Battle Mode**

COM players aren't limited to races; they also play a crucial role in Mario Kart's Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, COM players can be just as competitive and ruthless as in races. They aim to pop your balloons or steal your precious coins, adding intensity to the multiplayer battles.

**COM and Item Usage**

Understanding how COM players use items is essential in Mario Kart. Easy COMs may give you a bit more breathing room, as they tend to hold onto their items longer before using them. In contrast, Hard COMs won't hesitate to launch that Blue Shell your way if it means securing victory.

**COM in Mario Kart History**

The concept of COM players has been present in the Mario Kart series since its inception. Super Mario Kart, the very first game in the series released in 1992, featured COM players. Over the years, Nintendo has fine-tuned their behavior and strategies, making each encounter with COM players a unique and challenging experience.


In Mario Kart, "COM" stands for "Computer," representing the computer-controlled opponents that you face in races and battles. These COM players come in varying difficulty levels, from Easy to Hard, allowing you to customize your gaming experience. Understanding how COM players behave and use items can give you the edge in your quest for victory on the colorful and chaotic tracks of Mario Kart. So, next time you see "COM" on your racing grid, get ready for some exciting competition in the world of Mario Kart!