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is thrift legit

Is Legit? A Comprehensive Analysis has garnered a significant amount of attention and mixed reviews over the years. As an online marketplace for used books, DVDs, CDs, and more, it has undoubtedly piqued the curiosity of book lovers looking for budget-friendly options. In this article, we will delve into the legitimacy of based on a thorough examination of Google search results, reviews, and customer feedback.

** Overview**

ThriftBooks is a web-based used bookseller headquartered near Seattle, Washington. Its business model is built around achieving economies of scale through automation, which enables them to offer used items at competitive prices. They sell a wide range of products, including books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, video games, and audio cassettes.

**Customer Reviews on Sitejabber**

A visit to Sitejabber reveals a mixed bag of opinions. With a 2.56-star rating from 331 reviews, seems to leave many customers dissatisfied. Common complaints revolve around customer service, book condition, and dust jacket problems. However, it's worth noting that individual experiences can vary widely.

**Trustpilot's Positive Perspective**

Contrary to Sitejabber, Trustpilot paints a more positive picture of It boasts a 4.7-star rating from a whopping 1.4 million reviews. Customers on Trustpilot appreciate ThriftBooks' Quality Guarantee, where staff members verify the condition of each item. This stark contrast in ratings highlights the subjective nature of online reviews.

**Reddit Users Weigh In**

Reddit users have also chimed in on the debate. Some Redditors vouch for ThriftBooks' legitimacy, highlighting the affordability and quick shipping. However, others have expressed dissatisfaction, citing issues with book quality. One user pointed out that quality can vary due to the fast-paced nature of the staff's work.

**Additional Reassurance**

Several other sources, such as and, affirm's legitimacy. even goes a step further, stating that ThriftBooks is one of eBay's most reputable sellers. Moreover, ThriftBooks' presence on eBay suggests a commitment to quality and trustworthiness.

**The Conclusion**

In conclusion, the question of whether is legit does not have a straightforward answer. The evidence suggests a polarized view among customers. While some customers have reported issues with their purchases, others have had positive experiences, praising the affordability and variety of products. It's essential for potential buyers to exercise caution, consider their priorities, and be aware that individual experiences may differ.

Ultimately, whether is the right choice for you depends on your specific preferences and expectations. If you prioritize affordability and are willing to accept potential variations in quality, may be worth exploring. However, if you demand pristine conditions for your purchases, you may want to approach with caution and potentially explore other alternatives in the used book market.