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Navigating AvMed's Over-the-Counter Benefits with NationsBenefits


AvMed, a trusted name in healthcare, offers its members a valuable benefit through its partnership with NationsBenefits – an Over-the-Counter (OTC) allowance. This unique offering allows AvMed members to access a wide range of health and wellness products at no additional cost. In this article, we'll explore the AvMed NationsBenefits program and how it can enhance the well-being of its members.

Understanding AvMed's Over-the-Counter Allowance

AvMed members gain access to their OTC allowance via NationsBenefits. This initiative provides AvMed members with the opportunity to choose from a vast catalog of OTC products, including medications, personal care items, and wellness products. This program aims to empower members to take charge of their health by offering essential items conveniently delivered to their doorstep.

The 2023 OTC Product Catalog

AvMed's commitment to member well-being is evident in the comprehensive 36-page 2023 OTC Product Catalog available through NationsBenefits. This catalog serves as a handy reference guide for AvMed members, showcasing the wide array of products they can access. Members can browse through the catalog to make informed choices about their health and wellness needs.

Innovative Healthcare Management Solutions by NationsBenefits

NationsBenefits, the partner behind AvMed's OTC program, is a leading supplemental benefits company dedicated to providing cost-effective solutions and long-term health outcomes. Their focus on managed care organizations ensures that AvMed members receive top-quality services designed to help them achieve their health goals.

AvMed and Hearing Benefits

AvMed's commitment to its members extends beyond just OTC benefits. The partnership with NationsHearing provides AvMed members with an annual hearing test at no out-of-pocket cost. Additionally, they gain access to a nationwide network of over 4,000 hearing care providers and a range of hearing aids from major brands, all offered at competitive prices.

How to Access AvMed NationsBenefits

AvMed members can easily access their OTC benefit by visiting Once you receive your AvMed Member ID card, you can sign up for the program and begin exploring the extensive selection of plan-approved products. This convenient online portal allows members to track their available OTC allowance and make orders to support a healthier lifestyle.

NationsBenefits: Ensuring Member Engagement

NationsBenefits is not only a provider of benefits but also focuses on member engagement. Their innovative solutions aim to simplify benefits administration while ensuring that members can easily manage their health. This approach aligns perfectly with AvMed's commitment to member well-being.

Important Notice Regarding Security

It's important to note that NationsBenefits takes data security seriously. In May 2023, they demonstrated their commitment to protecting member information when they promptly addressed an incident. This underlines their dedication to safeguarding the trust that AvMed members place in them.


AvMed's partnership with NationsBenefits offers AvMed members a valuable Over-the-Counter allowance that enhances their health and wellness. With access to a diverse range of OTC products, including a comprehensive 2023 catalog and hearing benefits, AvMed proves its dedication to its members' well-being. By utilizing the AvMed NationsBenefits program, members can actively engage in managing their health and accessing essential products with ease and convenience.