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** Your Trusted Source for Kansas News, Weather, and Sports**

Since 1954, KAKE has been a pillar of information, entertainment, and service for the people of Kansas. With a strong commitment to accuracy and completeness, KAKE News and have established themselves as the go-to sources for all things Kansas-related. From breaking news to weather updates and sports coverage, KAKE is the name that Kansans rely on.

**A Multi-Platform Approach**

KAKE's reach extends far beyond the television screen. The station's website,, serves as a digital hub where visitors can access the latest news stories, weather forecasts, and sports highlights. The website's user-friendly design ensures that visitors can easily navigate through the various sections, whether they're interested in crime reports, weather summaries, or heartwarming local stories.

**Staying Connected Through Social Media**

KAKE News has embraced the power of social media to connect with its audience in real-time. With active accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, KAKE keeps followers informed about the latest developments. Whether it's a pilot's tragic demise, a climate summary, or updates on local programs, KAKE's social media presence ensures that the community is always in the loop.

**A History of Broadcast Excellence**

KAKE Television, which first hit the airwaves on October 19, 1954, has a rich history of serving the people of Wichita and Kansas at large. Over the years, the station has evolved to stay relevant in the digital age while maintaining its commitment to delivering reliable news. Becoming an ABC affiliate in 1955 marked a significant milestone for KAKE, solidifying its position as a key player in broadcasting.

**Community Engagement and Impact**

KAKE's impact isn't confined to news reporting alone. The station's involvement in the community is evident through its coverage of nonprofit initiatives, local events, and noteworthy causes. From highlighting a nonprofit's efforts to expand after-school programming to reporting on cases of West Nile virus in horses across Kansas, KAKE is more than a news outlet—it's a partner in the community's growth and well-being.

**The Digital Transformation**

Recognizing the changing media landscape, KAKE has embraced the digital transformation wholeheartedly. The station's YouTube channel serves as a platform for delivering local content to digital audiences, ensuring that Kansans can access their favorite news stories whenever and wherever they choose.

**Conclusion** is more than just a news website; it's a digital gateway to Kansas life. With a legacy of broadcast excellence dating back to 1954, KAKE continues to evolve while staying true to its mission of providing comprehensive, accurate, and timely information to Kansans. Through its website, social media presence, and various digital platforms, KAKE remains firmly committed to being the most trusted name in Kansas news, weather, and sports.